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No String Attached with generosity

Hello friends, 

I am again available for you to present good research work on no string attached for you. In this blog, I have something in my mind to share with you about the generosity of no string attached relationships like in movies. What do people act in this type of relationship, they are very liberal in this kind of relationship. This is the very purest form of give and take even people feels nothing about you, they do not give anything but have any kind of attraction towards the partner due to that generosity within you. But people can spread love among others through this NSA (No String Attached). In this kind, people do not expect anything by their partners or anyone with whom they have some strings.

So, according to me love has no limitation and it is absolutely unconditional. When we are in teenager age, we do not think much about love and relationships, that time we are only in attraction and it is not real love. This time love becomes conditional. That time never returns anything which is fully meaningless. There are many less amount of people who can convert their conditional love to unconditional love. When you have greatest emotions towards your partner, you will never think anything about his/her like the following:

1. What others do?

2. Are other also in love…? 

No matters, nothing will matter if you are in true love. You will love your partner unconditionally. It is not dependent on anything.

Bad thing about Unconditional love

The worst thing about the unconditional love is that it is fully one sided sometimes. When it is one sided, people move towards unsuccessful life and spoil their life. Unconditional love becomes success also when both sided love would persist.

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